Top Gaming Headsets of 2016

We will going to take a look at 5 of the greatest gaming headsets of 2016. Your headset is extremely important for your in-game awareness, especially in first person shooters. You need to be in a position to clearly hear and comprehend your teammates while you additionally listen for your opponents. Headphones can be bulky and unpleasant, so it’s vital to discover one that won’t break the bank but actually will provide comfort while actively playing for possibly several hours as well as perform well.

First up is really a lesser known brand – Sentey.


Sentey makes some great, lower priced headsets. This product (the GS-4541) looks quite heavy duty (see image below), but fits very easily and cuts out all other background sound. The microphone is actually crisp and clear, however may be a little soft for a few. The mic has a razor-sharp looking LED light which will show when the mic will be active – no more asking yourself if your teammates can listen to you talking to Fluffy whilst you’re in a heated fight. This model comes with a large amount of leather padding to maximize your own comfort while having enough versatility to adjust it to fit your mind. This uses a USB connection in order to hook up to your computer and should exercise of the box, but if you possess any issues install the actual drivers that come with it.

Do not be put off by the product title and also description on the product web page – these headsets outstanding. Check out the Sentey GS-4731 with regard to ~ $30Sentey GS-4541 Video gaming Headset (~$30) Kingston Hyper Cloud Gaming Headset (~$70) Sennheiser G4ME Gaming Head-set (~$180)Steel Series V2 Ice Gaming Headset (~$78)Logitech G430 Gaming Headset (~$58)Note: Costs can fluctuate on a daily basis! Next up is the Kingston Hyper Cloud Gaming Headphones. This one is a very, very close 2nd only due to price. Kingston does an excellent job with this particular product. The packaging is very thoroughly clean and fun to unpack. The ear and brain cushioning is done very well, is simple to adjust, and holds nicely. The microphone is pretty regular in look and flexibility, but adds the nice function of being able to remove it whenever you’re just using the head-set as headphones. It utilizes the standard 3. 5mm link with plug into your computer yet comes with the usual adapter for 2 or one connection (headphone/mic) depending on your setup. Additionally, it comes with a nice bag to maintain them in when you are not using them.


Sennheisers: This is the third on our list, along with a bit higher up on the cost scal. They are in the middle of the group mainly due to price, because they are by far the most expensive headset out there. Also, these really need a decent sound card to obtain the most out of them. If you’re a little new to the headset video game, the audio quality together with your onboard audio output might be fine at first, but over time you’ll be looking for more. This particular headset offers serious comfort and ease in all aspects and feels like ideal on your ears. The mic is top notch and offers outstanding noise cancellation, so you do not have to worry as much about the normal noise around you when youre making strat call outs to your teammates. The headphones also offer an auto-mute characteristic when you place the microphone within the upright position. This can be very useful if you need to turn the microphone off without much effort. In addition, it offers a braided cable, that I’m a huge fan associated with. It protects your electrical wiring and gives it a weightier duty feel without including too much extra weight. The G4ME terminates into dual three. 5mm connections (audio/mic), nevertheless unfortunately does not come with an jointer, so keep that in mind. These are the can’t miss if you can pay for to spend the extra money.


The SteelSeries: A HUGE SELECTION OF Frost Gaming Headset is available in behind the Sennheiser G4ME at number four. The very first thing you’ll notice about these is the fact that they’re very flashy : they sport a white-colour and “frost” blue cut design that looks awesome, but may be a bit a lot for some. They fit and personalize very well and should be wearable for long periods of time without much pain. The microphone also nearly fully conceals into the earbud when not in use, which can be fine when you just want headsets and not a mic flopping around. The sound is fairly typical for a headset at its price – it will be serviceable although won’t hold you back. This arranged uses a USB connection, so you will not be able to dual-purpose this headphone in devices that require a few.5mm connections.


Final up on our top five may be the Logitech G430 Gaming Headphone. This headset won’t break your budget, necessarily, and provides some strong performance. The microphone is usually serviceable and Logitech will do a great job with the virtual encompass sound. The headset by itself is a little rigid but will do a decent job of enabling you to customize how it rests on your ears. One element that I think is pretty great is the fact that you can remove/replace the particular cushion on the ear items. I tend to hesitate to use the headset if I’ve exercised recently or just go out of typically the shower because I don’t would like to get the cushioning wet. I would still be careful, but a minimum of with these you have the option of swapping the cushion at a later time. This specific headset terminates in 2 3. 5 mm connects, one for mic and another for sound. It comes having a USB adapter, though, which means you have a couple of options for how you can hook it up. There have been some issues with the noise cancellation functions, but there are a few workarounds pointed out in the reviews here. The amount controls are in-line are usually a little bit bulky compared to a few competitors. It’s a very reliable offering from Logitech in a decent price point.