Top Gaming Keyboards of 2016


Key-boards are the heart and soul of the nonvisual gaming experience. You need a key pad that responds when you proceed with the expectation that it will respond, feels right, and is also designed so that you’re not necessarily pausing to think about where your current keys are. It’s the particular offensive lineman of your games experience – it’s absolutely a better keyboard if you do not have to stop and think about it although you’re using it.

To eliminate our top gaming computer keyboard list, we’re going to money the trend of most “You need to see the top X on this! ” lists and just focus on the best.

Corsair cuts simply no corners on their K70. The actual keys are designed to respond since desired – they’re better and there’s no question concerning when you press a key. The particular wrist guard feels normal; you don’t have to worry about the advantage of your desk edging inside of your wrist – the protect takes care of you. The led backlight is pretty damn cool rapid you can control the shades and variations in lighting effects. It’s a very deep element that is worth exploring. You can even choose to backlight individual tips.

Sure, but for the enthusiastic gamer, this can be a cool (if not truly necessary) attribute. See the Corsair Gaming K70 Mechanical Keyboard here (~$110). Corsair Gaming K70 Physical Gaming Keyboard, Backlit Reddish LED, Cherry MX Azure (~$110)CM Storm Quick Flame XT (~$90)Razor Black Widow Ultimate Elite (~$115)CM Thunderstorm Quick Fire TK instructions Compact Mechanical Gaming Key-board (~$90)Logitech G105 Gaming Keyboard set (~$47)Note: Prices can change on a day-to-day basis!

Another keyboard up on our leading 5 is the CM Tornado Quick Fire XT. CM Storm makes some superb feeling hardware. Their key-boards are heavy-duty; you have no to worry about them sliding close to your desk. They also offer a smaller version of the full sizing keyboard we’re reviewing should you prefer to not have the NUM pad.

The CM Hurricane is excellent for the no-frills game player. Their keyboards are smart and to the point. They give very good, clean feedback on make use of and are durable. Another thing I enjoy about this is the USB wire that comes with the keyboard. It’s a braided cable that is detachable. Typically the braided covering gives it a really dense, solid feel and sets your mind at ease when it comes to toughness. Head on over and check this hooligan out for ~ $90. This one is my personal most liked.

Following the CM Storm Speedy Fire XT is the Razer Black Widow Ultimate High level. This mechanical keyboard is flashier than the CM Surprise model that we reviewed. It is about with programmable keys, independently lit backlit keys, and also some jacks on the side regarding microphone and headset. The proper execution factor on this one is a huge bigger – it’s received a decent amount of trim across the edges.

Some of the drawbacks will be the jacks are on the right aspect of the keyboard. If you’re lefty, then this may not be as huge of a problem, but if youre right-handed this could get in the pattern of your mouse placement. Furthermore, the backlighting doesn’t duration the entire keyboard – just covers primary keys, definitely not secondary. One last thing to remember – their support is a bit notorious, so if you have got any issues, be prepared! It is possible to pick this one up for some sort of comparable price to the other folks, at ~$115. Fourth on this list, we have another reliable keyboard offering from Much cooler master – the CM Storm Quick Fire TK. It is a slightly more compact model compared to the 2nd ranked CM Thunderstorm mechanical keyboard. There is continue to a NUM pad, yet everything is a bit more squashed in. This model provides you with few more options with the back light than the XT. There are various perfection levels and modes to buy the blue LEDs.

Previous in our list is the price range offering. Logitech’s G105 offers you an entry level gaming key-board that can cut the mustard and not leave you hanging. Often the keys are backlit using a blue LED light without the wiggle room or methods.

It’s a pretty standard keyboard set with some extra bells and whistles (backlighting, macro keys, and sleek design). If you’re tight on funds, and don’t want to buy a new run of the mill keyboard, the G105 is your choice (~ $47).

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